A new game of multiplayer was started for our class with our teacher (as Great Britain) playing as a moderator and adding to the complexity and chain effects of human decisions in the game.

The UK: The United Kingdoms is quite simply amazing. They have by far the best economy, excellent military, and the most advanced government in the game. Playing the UK, the only things you have to do is set your policies at the beginning, and make alliances with the countries that you want to make alliances with. With very little effort, you can stay as the number one country, with a huge budget surplus coming in even after you've maxed out stockpile, military, social, administrative, and educational spending.


  • This time around, we decided to accept the alliances from German states and the states of the Italian Peninsula, along with Greece and a few other countries surrounding our nation.
  • We built up our army as before, and we are trying to send a few thousand men to Africa to attempt to colonize.
  • Since we had a a great amount of money, we began to make large investments in such as military and administration (tax collection efficiency). We also began to encourage capitalists in highly populated areas so that they would make our industrial phase easier to manage.
  • Taxes were also a great part in our money making process because at the beginning, the poor were doing quite well for being poor. A vast amount of the poor were getting their luxury needs where as much of the middle class was barely getting their daily needs. We then decided to impose more taxes on them as well as the rich. It was a life saver when it came to losing money in the national bank. We did not change the taxes on the rich and the poor in the beginning because it seemed pretty stable, and at about the end of the first year, our budget dropped to about even which we let go for a while because we had already amassed so much money.


  • Once again, we started to ally ourselves with all of the german-speaking countries around us, hoping in the future they will come in handy.
  • As a lot of countries were launched into war with each other, many tried to alliy with us or gain military access. We decided to decline, with the mindset that we are going to be a nuetral country, and work with our economy
  • While many other nations fought each other, we consolidated our resources and kept our budget on the gradual rise. We dealt with problems before they started and planned for the future of our nation. This eventually paid off in the form of us becoming the second best nation when it comes to industry, second only to Britain.