Factory conditions are bad.

  • No child should ever have to work barefoot; buy them shoes. If shoes aren't enough, abolish child workers, we know that children hands are smaller than ours, but we can just let the ladies do that. Now that's smart.
  • Subsidize factories that are essential to the processes of the country and are running at a deficit.
  • If your factory is not functioning, check the basic resources bar, and build a factory to farm the basic resources if you need to.
  • When factories first started to appear, they were producing products at a slow rate. But as the Industrial Age came about more and more inventions helped factories produce goods at a fast rate.
  • In the game Victoria 2 factories help your country gets lots of money and succeed.
  • Also in the game, it is important to make sure that you have enough people to work your factories. Encourage Craftsmen and they will soon appear in abundance. Watch out though because if you don't have a factory to work in, your Craftsmen will be unemployed and will not be able to pay their taxes or get the needs to live.
  • Capitalism is the basis for factories. This means you must invest in entrepreneurs and their corresponding new technologies to reap the rewards.