Chosing a country without factories and industries can be tricky growing as a country, especially when there are no workers available or capable of doing a specific job like in factories. There are a few things needed before industrializing:

  • First you need a good and stable budget
  • If there are workers you want in a specific area, click on the province and encourage the type of worker. Let time go by for a little bit and many workers will begin to appear
  • After having enough money, you can begin building factories (I recommend the ones easier to build)
  • Make sure that a factory is in the right place
  • The budget will grow and soon more factories will be avaiable for building!
  • Investing in advancement in coal and iron/steel are also important, the technological advancements in coal and iron are good picks.
  • A good transportation infrastructure will help your country succed. Make sure to invest in railroads and trade ships. It is advised that you at least take the experimental railroad advancement.

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