The first day went well and we started out becoming alliances with other german speaking countries. At the end of the period, we got a lot of alliances and a neighboring country decided to go to war with us. luckily with all of our alliances, we will have a good number of soldiers.WW1.5

second day:

Everything went very well: My team did research for experimental rail roads and we started new research for technology. We allied with many german speaking countries and are keeping a very stable budget. We are taxing the poor very highly, but they are still getting their luxury needs which the artisans aren't getting any everyday needs. We need to find a balance so the middle class can do as well as the poor and the rich.

Third day:

Today did not go as well as I thought it was going to go. We became at war with Russia and they proceeded to take about four of our provinces on the east boarder. At the end, we decided to offer peace with Russia because they were going to take over our whole country if we didn't. The provinces they took became theirs and we ended our war with Russia.

Fourth Day:

Today went worse than it usually goes. We were attacked by Austria and was humiliated by them as they took a couple provinces. They had absolutely no reason to attack us, but insisted on taking our land with their HUGE army. We, of course, could not beat them which ended in defeat. I hope the fifth day is better.

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